The first version of procspace is now online. There are still bugs and missing features, but all the basic functionality is here.

The 2003 prototype not online anymore.

download & installation

Procspace will be available under the Gnu Public Licence at the end of 2006. Code quality and documentation are not ready yet.

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  What is procspace?

Procspace is a collaborative outliner software enhanced with data-mining and agent technology. It allows a work group to share text documents and ideas on the Web in collaboration with a series of agents that use statistical semantic analysis to create links between documents and search for similar texts on the Web. It can (among other things) be used as an ontology driven clustering engine for re-ranking Google results.
Procspace has been designed with a team of researchers in the humanities in mind, but it can be used by anybody or any group who works with a lot of text documents. Have a look at a screenshot or check out the beta-version.

Where does it come from?

Procspace is the practical part of my Ph.D. dissertation in information and communication science at the Département Hypermédias at Paris 8 University. It will hopefully become an open source project soon.

For any further questions, you can email to b(at)domain_of_this_site.

Related Research Papers

Rieder, Bernhard: An Experimental Approach to Combining Collaboration and Data-Mining in Information Management. Draft 2005, not published.
(PDF, english)

Rieder, Bernhard: Processed Meaning. Perspectives on Semantic Computing in a Hybrid Culture. Ciberart Conference - Challenges for a ubiquitous identity. Bilbao: April 2004
(PDF, english)

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